The mindset that got you where you are, isn't the mindset that will take you to your next level.

Reaching those new levels in our business requires us to consistently evolve into our most authentic self...

 unlocking new levels of awareness, clarity, knowledge and personal power. We must create new patterns of thinking, doing, and being in order to create REAL change. 


If you're a talented entrepreneur who's product or service helps improves the lives of other people, the world needs more of YOU! You need to be seen and heard by more people, allowing your light to shine bright, warming all those around you...

There are people out there who are searching for you, but they don't know you exist yet. They have a problem, and you are the perfect person to help them solve it. But for most entrepreneurs, lack of courage keeps them from showing up and allowing themselves to be seen and heard. 

And, it's one thing to show up...but it's another to show up as The Confident YOU...

because if YOU aren't confident in can you expect others to be confident in you? 


If you don't feel you're an expert at what you do, how can you expect people to feel that you're the expert on your live videos?


If you don't feel confident enough in the thing you sell, how do you expect people to feel confident enough to pay you?


If you don't feel confident speaking about your expertise, how can you expect people to feel confident enough to invite you on their podcast? 

So instead of wishing and hoping you could do all of the things you want to be doing in your businessyou can choose to



The Confident Woman Entrepreneur who steps up into the next level is the one who creates the services and products that she truly wants to create. She works with soul mate clients and she earns the money she desires. She creates her dream business from a place of desire, not fear.   

Because right now if you want to rise out of the audience and onto the stage, you can.

If you want to stop reading other people's books and author your own, that's completely doable. If you want to create the podcast, teach the class, do the interview, it's totally possible for you. 

April 13th, 14th & 15th 
A 3 day live group coaching program created to help you step up into your next level of confidence so you can do that "next level" things in your business that feels out of reach right now. 
I've used these strategies to reach new levels in my business and life. My once 1:1 coaching practice has now evolved into live online & in person classes with hundreds of students in 3 countries, 10 digital self study courses, my "beach-read" book The Confident You, an online community for confident entrepreneurial women, Facebook LIVE events with guest speakers from around the world and a laptop lifestyle of creativity, freedom and fulfillment!
And in this 3 day bootcamp, I'm teaching you all of my strategies (and more) so that you too can have the confidence to do all the "next level" things you want to do to create the business you desire and deserve.




April can be the month you show up in your business like never before.

Hi, I'm Jana

Believe it or not, I was not born with confidence. In fact, I was probably the most shy person you'd ever met. There's nothing wrong with being shy, but I knew if I wanted to become the coach I wanted to be and enjoy the business I wanted to have...I was going to have to step outside of my shell.

(being a cancer and all) 


Back in 2012, I remember being stuck in a job I hated, being a victim in an abusive relationship,

and feeling like I could never get ahead in life. I would look at other successful people and wonder what they had that I didn't.

I was on a rollercoaster of frustration, worry, sadness, bitterness, and just plain exhausted from struggling all the time.

I blamed other people for my problems, I told myself I was unlucky, and I felt powerless to change anything. 

I now know that it was ME that needed to change. And once I realized that I had the power to create my own reality, I began taking action to close the gap between me and my confident self. Today, I am happily married with a beautiful daughter, doing the work I love helping women entrepreneurs transform their lives, enjoying the company of supportive friends, and setting goals and achieving them regularly. When I walk into a room of strangers, I feel comfortable because I'm being authentically me. 

 I am CONFIDENT in myself.

 You can have what you want in life. It is possible for you--but only if you believe it is and you put forth the effort to do so. 

 In order to have the life I wanted, I had to become the person I wanted to be - I had to become my confident self. 

I know that you can too!


DAY ONE:​ Clarity 

  • I’ll help you to gain awareness and clarity in the patterns of thinking, behaving, feeling and acting that keep you stuck.

  • You'll learn how to release outdated beliefs and shift your mindset and energy to operate from a higher vibration to be the energetic match for your desires.

  • I'll guide you through decluttering and eliminating all relationships, obligations, and habits that no longer serve you and are not in alignment with the "next level" you. 

DAY  TWO:   Next Level Vibes  

  • I’ll show you how to create an unshakeable personal image and boost your self-esteem so you are anchored in who you truly are and what you represent as a leader and expert in your field.   

  • I'll teach you how to confidently charge for your services with a deep knowing that your work is of high service to others. 

  • You'll learn how to remove old stories of unworthiness and heal your relationship with money so you can feel fully deserving of receiving abundance and prosperity.

  • You'll learn how to set new energetic minimums--raising your threshold for what you want to receive. 

  • I'll show you how to step into the new energy of the next level you who is doing all of the things that feel out of your league now. 

DAY   THREE: Inspired Action 

  • You’ll learn how to stretch outside of your comfort zone and beyond your personal glass ceiling--pushing self-imposed boundaries and achieving things you never thought possible until now. 

  • I’ll share with you my confidence boosting methods to help you DO the things in your business that feel scary, nerve wrecking, confusing or hard with joy and ease!

  • You'll be held accountable to DO at least 1 new "next level" thing in your business this week. I'll show you how to make it fun and we will celebrate!



3 daily live group trainings

Each day I'll host a live video training + a Q&A session. You'll learn the mindset shifts and strategies that I used to step up to new levels in my business and help my clients to do the same. Ask me specific questions and receive personal coaching and support. 


Access to my private Facebook group

For The Level Up bootcamp members only. Have a question? Need a mindset shift? Receive coaching and accountability from me + support from other like-minded women who are all on this journey together cheering you on!


journaling prompts

Knowledge is only potential power. I've included journaling prompts to help you implement what you've learned in the training and create the changes in patterns of thinking and prompt you to take inspired action to create real change in your life. 


High Vibe Mornings meditation bundle

Incorporate these into your morning routine to prep your mindset and energy for the day. Create new positive habits. Begin each day from a high vibration to be the energetic match for your desires.

Included in this bundle:

-My guided morning meditation (4 min)

-My High Vibe morning rant meditation (2 min)

-My 30 day mindset makeover journal

-My goal achievers mindset-strategy-action journal

($17 value)


How will I be supported in this program?


You'll receive coaching and support from me in the live Q&A sessions during the weekly trainings and in the private Facebook community for bootcamp members only. 

Can you guarantee results after this course?


My simple answer is No. I can give you all the tools and strategies in the world, but YOU have to do the work. I can't do it for you--you create the changes in yourself. Knowledge is only potential power. It's what you do with that knowledge that creates real change in your life.


What if I miss the live group training at the time specified?


Not to worry! Each daily training will be recorded and the replay will be loaded onto your student dashboard. You'll log in with your own username and password on my course website and have lifetime access to the training recordings and your supplemental materials. You come back to the lessons at any time. 


Where will the trainings take place? Where do I access the program?


Upon enrollment you'll receive a welcome email giving you instructions to login to your student dashboard on my Thinkific learning platform. You'll access your account and student dashboard where all program information, instructions, access and dates/time for the trainings, and all of your supplemental materials are available for you. Our training calls are hosted live via zoom. 

What is your refund policy? 

Due to the nature of the program, all sales are final. Please only enroll in the bootcamp if you feel it's aligned and are ready and willing to do the work.

One final note from me....
You don't have to be loud, boisterous, or an alpha female to be a confident woman and have the successful business and lifestyle you want.


You don't have to become someone else or abandon your values and morals. Quite the contrary--


stepping into the next level of your business and lifestyle is all about growing closer to your ideal self--a self that is authentically you--The person you are meant to be, doing the work you were meant for, and being a light for others in this world, showing them what is possible.


You deserve to be happy, you deserve prosperity and abundance--it is your birthright.

I believe investing in yourself is the best investment you can make because I've witnessed it firsthand. When we grow our confidence, all areas of our life improve. I'm a better wife, mom, friend, coach, and neighbor when I'm confident in myself.


And I strongly believe that this course will be the best investment you'll make this month! 

You'd be surprised at what you can do when you give yourself the chance and bet on yourself to win.

Love, Jana 

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