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There are only so many hours in the day and only one YOU! 

That means the amount of people you can serve in a 1:1 capacity is limited. And so is your income. 

Turning your 1:1 service into a masterclass (or course or group program) is a way for you to impact more people, and increase your income without sacrificing your work/life balance. 

Sometimes people aren't ready to invest in working with you in a 1:1 capacity. They may be intimidated, not ready to invest at that level, or feel that they just aren't prepared for the 1:1 commitment. 

A class is a great way to offer your clients the information, tools and techniques that they can use to create transformation in their lives at a less "hands on approach" for you and often at a lower price point than your 1:1 work.

A class also gives people the option to get to know you and trust you, while building momentum for themselves before they take the next step to invest in 1:1 work with you.

You can turn your 1:1 service offering into a signature class to impact more people while earning more money in less time.                            




April 2021

A 4 week 1:1 coaching intensive

created to help you create your signature class, course or group program and sell it with confidence.

Before we go any further, let me share with you some common resistance I've heard about group classes, courses, and programs:


1. "My clients won't get the transformation they do from working with me 1:1."


My response: Although your clients grow tremendously from your work together, they still create massive change in their life from your classes, courses, and programs. They take away tools for life to continue their expansion. One mindset shift, one strategy, and one action step can be responsible for massive success in people's lives for years to come. 

2. "My 1:1 work is so client specific, I can't turn it into a class."

My response: You've witnessed common problems that many of your clients have and have used your unique knowledge, tools and techniques to help them find solutions to those problems. There are many other people out there who have those same problems and would benefit from the knowledge, tools, and techniques that you offer in a class setting. 


These are some common forms of resistance that led me to create "Map out your masterclass". My goal is for you to know that you can have it all. You can massively serve your clients, helping them create life changing transformation in their lives AND enjoy the lifestyle and income that you desire. 


You don't have to sacrifice your personal and family time to hit your income goals and you don't have to shrink your income goals to enjoy a work/life balance.


You can help more people, at different price points, in different ways, while hitting your income goals in the time and energy you want to give. 

Hi, I'm Jana Corinne

I'm a coach, author, and speaker, and I teach online and in person classes around the country. ​

I've expanded by 1:1 life coaching practice into my dream business! Everyday I impact more and more women entrepreneurs through my 9 self study courses, my signature 6 week program "The Confident You", and various live online workshops, bootcamps and Facebook Live trainings. 

There was a time when I couldn't fathom doing all of those things! It felt overwhelming, confusing, and out of my league. 

But I knew that limiting myself to a 1:1 practice would limit the number of people I could work with and my income. I could either raise my session rates and work even more hours...


or I could allow myself to leverage technology to help more women, in more ways, at more price points while protecting and nurturing my time and energy.


For me, it was a win-win! And I know it can be for you too!

Here's how I'll help you:

Week 1: Create your signature offer that sells

Choose the focus of your new class, course or program. 

  • I'll help you focus on a specific problem that is a priority for your audience and position your class as the solution so that it's a signature offer that sells. 

  • I'll help you to decide exactly who the class is for and pinpoint the specific results your students can expect so that your class and marketing is in complete alignment. 

  • I'll help you to get crystal clear and anchored in who you are, what you do, and who you serve, so that you can position yourself as the leader in your field-- setting you apart, showcasing your own style, knowledge, unique experiences and energy--attracting the right students to you and repelling those who aren't a good fit. 

Week 2: Map out your new Masterclass

Create the container in which you will host your new signature offer.  

  • I'll guide you through choosing a container that suits your teaching style and the unique transformation you students will go through. One day workshop? awesome! 3 day bootcamp? Great! 6 week program? Let's do it! I'll help you design the right container for you.  

  • I'll help you to thoughtfully craft out the lessons and supplemental materials to ensure your students have exactly what they need to succeed, while delivering it in the most simple and streamline way possible. No fluff!

  • I'll walk you through choosing a price that you feel confident in and can energetically get behind so that asking for the sale feels easy and fun!

Week 3: Launch your new class

Prepare for enrollment

  • I'll guide you through the setup process: from collecting payment, to enrollment, to delivering content to your students (and everything in between), I'll show you how to automate your enrollment process, saving you time and energy. 

  • I'll help make the tech part of your class simple, so you can focus on what you do best--serving your students!

Week 4: Sell your new class

Market your new class to your audiences

  • I'll guide you through the entire launch process, including elements of scarcity, bonuses, and payment plan options so you can fill spots right away.

  • You'll learn how to create your social media calendar and content to market your new class to your target clients. 

  • I'll guide you through crafting content to attract, engage and convert followers into new students.

  • I’ll also show you how to use Facebook Live video to confidently sell your new class on your Facebook pages and groups. 

What's included:

4 personal coaching sessions

1 hour weekly sessions via zoom

(All coaching sessions are recorded for you)

30 Day Voxer Access 

(A voice/text messaging app)

Questions? Need feedback?

For questions, accountability, guidance or support, I'll be available to you M-F, 9am-6pm EST, and you can expect me to answer up to 3x a day.

(Please keep voice messages to under 6 minutes)

Daily access to me is to help support you and keep up the momentum between our weekly sessions.


Can my class/course/program be online and in person? 

Yes! You will have a mapped out version of your class to host online or as an in person class

What if I have a million ideas and can't decide what my "signature" class is?

That's ok! That's what this program is all about--

Your business will evolve as you evolve. You can have many classes and many ways for people to work with you and learn from you. I'm here to help you create your first signature class that embodies who you are and what you do and who you serve right now. I'll help you to pinpoint the essence of what you do--the major result that people get from working with you and craft it into your new class. 

What is Voxer?

Voxer is a secure, real-time communication push-to-talk, walkie talkie app.

It works with iPhone, Android, and the web. 

You can hear messages as people speak, or listen later at your convenience.

What dates and time will my coaching sessions be?

We will choose a recurring day of the week and time for your weekly sessions

based upon my availability and your availability. 

How will the sessions be conducted?

All 1:1 sessions are conducted via zoom video conferencing.

I'll record each session for you and you'll receive your mp4 file via email 

so you can refer back to it any time. All sessions start at their scheduled time--

if you are late or miss a session, I cannot guarantee that time can be scheduled.

Come prepared and be present.

This is your time--no distractions--

I want to you get the best results out of each session. 


You have a wealth of knowledge that people need. There are people out there who are searching for the solution to their problem, and your class is just the thing they need. 

Give yourself permission to let go of doubt, confusion and the opinions of others,

and let yourself be the teacher you were meant to be. Your new masterclass is waiting to be created!


Thanks for submitting! We'll be in contact shortly!