• Jana Corinne

Boundaries for Empaths Workshop

Updated: Apr 11, 2020

In this workshop, I'll help you to set healthy boundaries so you can live, work and play on your terms. You'll be able to give when you want to and in the quantity you want to even if you're a "people pleaser". No more draining yourself for the sake of others and neglecting your own needs.

I also have a special bonus for business owners:

I'll teach you how to get paid for your time and energy. No more allowing people to "pick your brain" over a $5 cup of coffee. You'll learn how to say no to moochers and give massively to your soul mate clients who pay you and respect your time and energy.

This is a workshop I taught live and have recorded. Once enrolled, you'll have access to the course website for the 1 hour webinar replay, keynote slide deck to download/print, and your lesson plan of actionable steps + journaling prompts that will help you to implement the strategies you learned in the workshop.

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