Damn, I could do that

I was sitting at my cubicle, typing up on an excel spreadsheet when my co-worker turned to me and said that her husband had gotten his first client! "Congrats!" I said...."What is he doing?"

"He started social media freelancing. Small business owners pay him to manage their social media."

"Oh cool! That's awesome!"

I turned back around to my excel spreadsheet. (WTF?) I thought to myself...(I could do that!)

I was doing that now.🤦‍♀️ I was managing the social media for the company I was working for as an employee. It dawned on me that I could offer my skill set to business owners and charge my own rates. I didn't see myself, my skill sets, knowledge and expertise as valuable. I had been allowing others to tell me what I was worth and dictate my income and my lifestyle...

That all changed when I decided to step into my own personal power and be the designer and creator of my own business and life. I wasn't totally confident in myself and my abilities yet, but I had enough courage to take action anyways despite the fear....

confidence comes from repetition, you build it as you go...

My freelance and consulting business began. A year later...

I hung up the phone and sat there at my kitchen island in my Florida house. I had just finished my first session with a life coach. At the time, I didn't know what life coaching was--this session was part of a marketing program I had purchased.

"WOW" I said to myself. "That was amazing!" The funny thing was...I was already doing this for people ....but I wasn't getting paid for it. 🤦‍♀️

I didn't know it was called "coaching".

"Damn, I could do this" I said to myself...

Later that year I finished my coaching certification in strategic intervention life coaching and began coaching people. Later came a book, classes, digital courses and programs...

You know the rest 🙂

My point is....If you're looking at someone else and saying "Damn, I could do that"...you're absolutely right 😉

you may not have the confidence to do it yet....but you will...

the mindset that got you here today isn't the mindset that will get you the your next level. It's going to take some work on your part--some reprogramming, uncovering self limiting beliefs, shifting, new ways of thinking, new ways of behaving, and you having the courage to take action despite the fear. That's what The Confident You is all about.

I designed "The Confident You" 6 week program to guide you through stepping up and into that next level version of yourself--who is doing all of the things that feel out of reach for you right now. They're possible for you. You are worthy of them. Now it's just a matter of time before they become your new normal.

Doors close Sunday at midnight EST for The Confident You 6 week group program. Full program details here: janacorinne.com

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