From Doormat to Goddess

If you are someone who feels like a victim, a doormat, like nothing is going right for you....then please keep reading because I want to talk to you about something that truly changed my life and has changed the lives of so many people.

I want to talk to you about ridding yourself of victim mentality.

It's hard to go after the things you want when you operate from a victim mentality.

It's hard to ask for a raise, confidently interview for a new job, grow your business, increase your sales, attract a new relationship, or just plain enjoy life when you're operating from a victim mentality.

You allow people to use you and abuse you. You may feel like a doormat--like you can never get ahead. No matter who much you want something or wish for it, it just feels like the universe is against you.

I felt like this for a long time. It didn't matter which company I was working didn't matter what new city I moved to...didn't matter what new circle of friends I came into...the same pattern was repeating over and over..

underpaid, ideas and opinions at work didn't matter...

constantly attracting negative people into my life--abusive partners, co-workers that took advantage of my kindness and took credit for my work, friends who would show up 2 hours late or not at all....

It was like I couldn't seem to get anyone to respect me, my time, my was like I could never get ahead...couldn't catch a break...I just couldn't win...

it just felt like there was a rain cloud hanging over my head and following me wherever I matter how fast I tried to outrun it, it was always there casting a dark shadow over me.

One day I had a light bulb moment--that if I continued to allow myself to be disrespected, it meant that I did not love and respect myself....

I would continue to be a victim as long as I continued to act like one.

Things wouldn't change until I changed

In that moment I made the decision that jump started me to ditch the victim mentality and grow into the goddess I was meant to be. I set the wheels of change in motion. Now, I have a wonderful husband, a beautiful daughter, amazing friends, a business I love, wonderful clients and I have a sense of trust in myself and the universe. Things are happening FOR me, not against me. I want that for you too!

Once you rid yourself of the victim mentality, you will no longer be under anyone's thumb, you'll no longer be a doormat for others to step on. You'll rise up and be the leader you were always meant to be.

This Thursday, I am hosting a one hour online class called "From Doormat to Goddess" and I welcome you to join me if you are someone who is stuck in victim mentality and ready to break free! In this class, I'll show you how to break out of your cycle of being used and abused and get into alignment with the universe so you can step up into the goddess you were meant to be!

Class Date/Time: Thursday, April 23rd at 6pm EST

Price: $17

Location: Your computer or smart phone (Online Live Webinar)

Details to register: Click here

*Q&A session to follow the class, so bring your questions!

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