Goal Achievers May 2020

Goal Achievers May 2020

Course Description:

a 14 day group coaching program for goal setting + accountability. For the next 14 days, I'll work with you to setting and achieving your particular goal. I'll show you how to turn your wish or want into a specific goal, create a strategy, create an action plan and hold you accountable to achieving your goal. This is the month, you finally get that thing off the back burner and get it done!

What You Receive:

  • 2 live group coaching calls with me

  • Private FB group for May Goal Achievers

  • Goal Setting, Strategy, Action Plan pdf templates

How it Works:

Group coaching calls:

Group coaching call 1 May 8th: We'll kick off the group program May 8th with a live zoom call. In this coaching session, I'll show you how to turn your wishes, hopes, and wants from a general statement or feeling, into a concrete, specific goal that is results oriented. I'll show you how to create your personal strategy that is realistic and doable for you. I'll show you how to create your action plan with the time management technique I use to ensure each step gets done and create energetic momentum. Once you have your action plan ready, you can begin taking the steps towards achieving your goal.

Group coaching call 1 May 15th: After one week of progress in your action plan, we will cover any obstacles or challenges that are getting in the way of your progress and work to remove them. This is the call to ask any questions, work through any resistance or issues that are coming up for you both mentally, emotionally and physically so you can find a solution and continue your progress. This is also an accountability check in to keep your momentum up!

Private FB group for May Goal Achievers:

For 14 days, you'll have access to me to ask me any questions related to your goal, and share any wins you have! I'll be in the group at least twice a day answering your questions, holding you accountable and cheering you on!

Goal Setting, Strategy, Action Plan pdf templates:

You'll have access to the templates I use whenever I am going after a new goal! These will help you to get clear, organized and focused on your goal.

Price : $47

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