Happy New Year!!! 2020 is going to be awesome!

2020 is going to be amazing! I can just feel it.

This year I'm all about "Clarity"...

100% total clarity--no bs--no more lies or outdated roadmaps--no more outdated "stories"...

this is the year to be completely honest with yourself and be crystal clear on what you want, who you want in your life, what career you enjoy, where you want to live, and how you want to experience life!

this is the year that you de-clutter! Take a good hard look at your relationships. Who are you giving your time and energy to? Do you enjoy quality relationships with people who are available, responsible, positive and bring value to your life? Are there any relationships that you need to let go of?

Are there social obligations and responsibilities that you can eliminate to free up your time and energy for what YOU want to do? ....for the hobbies, work, and travel that will enrich your life and help you grow :)

Let go of the old "stories" you've been telling yourself and to be truly honest with yourself! What personal story have you been telling yourself? How would your life be different if you ditched the old story and wrote a new one?

When we have total clarity, we can make decisions from a place of empowerment instead of fear. Just think of all the important life changing decisions you have been putting off because of confusion, procrastination, and fear. Don't waste any more time :)

Get clear and get going!

Happy new year my friend!

- Jana

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