Jana Corinne's "5 days of Giving" holiday celebration!

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

If you're an entrepreneur, I have no doubt that you've had to pivot a lot this year in your business (and your life). I think we all can agree that this year has certainly been an interesting one... I am grateful for all of the lessons and growth that this year has brought and I hope you are too! :)

Let's have some fun this holiday season and get in the spirit of gratitude and abundance!

Join me December 14th through 18th for my "5 days of giving" holiday celebration!

I'll be giving away copies of my book, "The Confident You", retail/restaurant gift cards, self care products, home decor presents and hosting a FREE LIVE 1 hour workshop!

It's all going down in The Confident Woman Entrepreneur Facebook Community

If you're not yet a member, it's FREE to join! Click here to request to become a member.

How it works:

Tune into The Confident Woman Entrepreneur group each day at 1pm EST to watch my Facebook live where I'll share on the topic of the day. I'll ask each of you to comment with your answer to the question of the day. When you comment, your name goes into the drawing for the gift of the day! I'll announce the winner on the Facebook live the following day.

Here is the Facebook live topic schedule for this week:

Monday: How to clear space (energetically and literally) for your desires to manifest.

Tuesday: The biggest mistake women make when trying to break self-sabotaging habits.

Wednesday: 1 simple strategy to confidently raising your prices.

Thursday: How to handle people and situations that trigger you with grace and ease.

Friday: 3 reasons why your positive affirmations aren't working for you & what to do about it.

and don't forget to join me Thursday, December 17th at 7pm EST for a FREE live workshop:

"Powerful Confidence"

(Live 1 hour workshop)

What I'm covering:

1. Self worth = Net worth:

How your feelings of worthiness directly reflect how you attract and receive abundance and prosperity in your business.

2. Manifesting your desires vs Staying stuck:

The major difference between the women who seems to get whatever they want and the women who struggle to accomplish the same goal list year after year.

3. Leveling up:

How working with strong boundaries can help you free up your time and energy for your personal and business goals. And how to raise your energetic minimums to experience more abundance, joy, and ease in your business and your life.

How it works:

My live 1 hour workshop will be hosted via Zoom. Please register here. Upon registration you'll receive a confirmation email with the workshop info and zoom links/passcode to join the workshop.

We kick off December 14th for a full week of giving, gifts and celebration!

See you then!

Love, Jana

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