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Updated: Oct 30, 2020

I used to feel as if I could never get ahead, no matter how hard I worked, no matter how hard I pushed, no matter how bad I wanted my just felt like there was a glass ceiling above me that I was stuck beneath. It felt like I just couldn't "get there". At the time, I was in an abusive relationship, broke AF, working in a job I loathed, overweight and out of shape, feeling terrible all the time and just fed up with life. I wanted to have the great relationship, make more money, have a healthy and toned body, and just plain ENJOY life. I wanted to start THRIVING instead of SURVIVING. I wanted to start really LIVING instead of just going through the motions.

I didn't understand it. I would look at successful people and compare myself. I was a kind person, I was a good person, I was talented, educated, smart...why did other people get all of the things I wanted but not me? Why could they have "it" but I couldn't? What was the difference between them and I? Was it plain luck? It didn't seem fair...and it frustrated me and made me feel less than.

The day I left my abusive relationship (moved out of the apartment and drove away to my new place), is the day where I took my power back. Over the next few weeks, I began healing myself and working on building back my self esteem, self worth, personal image and confidence. And I still work on these EVERY.SINGLE.DAY.

I began studying the art of manifestation and dug deep into my own limiting and self sabotaging beliefs. I did the deep internal work. I did the hard stuff---the stuff that we don't want to look at, the stuff that we brush under the rug. I had the courage and the discipline to look at it and make the shifts.

I realized that if I wanted my life to change, I had to change. It dawned on me that I had been blocking myself from the flow of the universe. Through my own belief system, I had kept myself in a low vibration and a crazy eight cycle of anger and sadness. I found that it wasn't that I wasn't good enough, smart enough, talented enough...

It was that I didn't BELIEVE I deserved any of the things I desired. I said I wanted them, but I didn't believe I could have them, didn't believe they were possible for me, wasn't aware of my personal self-sabotaging beliefs and therefore couldn't "see" the guidance. I wasn't open to it. I wasn't tuned in.

Now I know better. Now I have a wonderful husband and daughter, do the work I love coaching other women to transform their lives, I manifest more and more money each month as my energetic minimums rise, I work with a personal trainer to keep my body healthy and fit and...

I feel Confident in myself, I feel happy, I feel calm, I feel good about the work I do, I feel FREE. I trust and know that the universe has my back and that at any time I can manifest what I want for my highest good.

Yes, fear still creeps up, yes the self doubt leaks in, but I have consistently manifested my desires by following a 5 step process and so I am confident in my ability to do so time and time again. I look at the fear as an opportunity to shift and grow and get better. It's not a hinderance for me, but an opportunity. And I want the same for you too---I want you to let go of the fear, the self limiting beliefs, the personal blocks...and start manifesting what you want because you want it and you deserve it. I want you to let go of anything and anyone that ever gave you the impression that you were less than...and couldn't have what you wanted.

This Thursday I am hosting a 1 hour webinar called "Manifest with Confidence" at 7pm EST via zoom. In this training, I am sharing my 5 step process for manifesting my desires. I'll include journaling prompts for you to uncover your personal self limiting belief system, shift those beliefs into new beliefs that serve you and turn those beliefs into affirmations and mantras to use in reprogramming your subconscious and raising your vibration. You'll have lifetime access to the recording and the journaling exercises so you can use this process over and over again any time you want to manifest something new into your life.

And, at the end of the training, I'll host a live Q&A. This is your chance to ask me specific questions and get coached 1:1 by me.

What I'm covering:

1. My 5 step process for manifesting my desires

2. How to manifest with Confidence: manifesting intentionally and consistently 

3. How to set a new energetic minimum

The price is only $47and here is the link to purchase your seat.

Date: November 5th 7pm Eastern Standard Time

Price: $47

Link to Enroll: Manifest with Confidence

See you there!


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