Get outside your comfort zone---my weekend in MN

Updated: May 22, 2019

I just got back home from a wonderful weekend in Minneapolis, Minnesota! I met some wonderful people from all over the country. Friday night I mingled with like-minded ladies before the convention began and then over a nice dinner and cocktails. This Saturday was the first time I introduced my recently published book in public. It was a big hit at the conference and I was so grateful to sell out of the 35 copies I brought with me within hours (I should have brought more I thought!).

Saturday I also taught a class about attracting your dream job. I asked the crowd who was already living their true calling and who was in a j-o-b right now awaiting their next move towards finding what they were meant to do. Those who were living out their dream job shared their inspirations and the massive changes in their lives--how happier they were, how more relaxed and calm, how their relationships had improved tremendously with their families and friends, and how they had transcended as a person. It is so amazing to see and witness how the work we do greatly impacts all other areas of our lives. When you are truly living your dream job, your lifestyle is so intune with who you are! It's remarkable how much happier we are when our work reflects our values and passions.

On Sunday I coached throughout the day and chatted with other coaches, reiki masters, healers, yoga instructors and intuitives. A big take-away from this weekend was the power of women supporting women. I remember taking a step back to admire and analyze the room. Here I was standing amongst about 120 women, all bringing their information, talents, skill sets, and caring hearts together to share and lift eachother up. I realized how powerful this was and in that moment was so glad that I had traveled thousands of miles to be here in this room to be a part of it.

"Attract Your Dream Job aka Your Life's True Calling" class in Minneapolis, MN

Sometimes we really have to get outside of our normal routine and our comfort zone, travel the miles, cross borders, to gift ourselves with new experiences that help us to grow and change our perspective. If I had sat at home, I would have missed all of the wonderful insights and distinctions that I took away from this weekend. I challenge you to gift yourself with a trip outside of your community. Get out and do something different--meet new people, make new connections, see new things. What will you bring home with you?

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