"Next Level Vibes" 3 Day Challenge




Sometimes I feel like I'm in a rut...

feel unproductive, sluggish, overwhelmed, or just plain confused. I can feel myself going through the motions. I have things that I want to do (big things!) I just don't know how or what to do next...and I feel sort of overwhelmed and lost...

It's ok to feel these moments---hell, I think it's a natural part of being an entrepreneur...

but I don't want to stay there forever....

I have found that one meaningful conversation with another talented entrepreneur sparks inspiration and motivation within me...

and being in a group environment with hundreds of other talented entrepreneurs REALLY inspires me and sparks so many new ideas for me to run with.

That's why I am running what I call the "Next Level Vibes" challenge.

This challenge is all about you stepping into those next level vibes that put you in the energy of the woman who is actually DOING all of those things that feel out of your reach right now. The things that feel hard, scary, out of your league....

For you maybe it's launching your new group class and filling the seats...

or hitting the GO LIVE button for the first time so your ideal client can really feel your energy...

maybe it's you doubling your prices to where you believe they should be and watching your next customer happily pay you...

maybe you have something you've been wanting to do, but just haven't pulled the trigger yet...

let this week be the week you finally do it.

Take it off the pedestal, put it in the past, let it be your new normal.

Over the 3 days of the challenge, here is what I'll be covering:




Day1: I'll share with you a common mistake that keeps most people stuck and frustrated. Overtime, people can begin to feel hopeless---like their goal is too far out of reach and just too hard to attain.

So, I'll teach you my way of turning overwhelming and hard ----> exciting and effortless, so that achieving your goal feels doable, and fun! Use this technique to apply to any new future goals. Rinse and Repeat so to speak.

Day 2: You'll learn how to release old patterns so you can break free from the self-sabotage and write yourself a new story. I'll explain how to let go of old identities that no longer serve you, so you can create a new identity that is in alignment with your next level self.

Think of it like this:

If you constantly think "I'm not the type to have XYZ or do XYZ"...then what "type" are you exactly? What are you identifying with?

Are you good with that? If so, cool. You don't need this challenge.

But if you'd like to stretch outside of your comfort zone and do new things, then let's talk about releasing what doesn't serve you and implementing new habits that do.

Identities can be changed. New desires can be new reality.

Day 3: Action day. I'll guide you actually doing the thing you've been afraid to do so that next level becomes your new normal. Big accountability day! Knowledge is potential power---it's what you do with that knowledge that creates powerful change in your life and produces new results for you.



At the end of the week, I'll be picking ONE lucky winner to receive my High Vibe Mornings Bundle!

🎉Because it's always more fun when there is a prize 🎉


About this bundle:

I've created this "High Vibe Mornings" bundle to incorporate into your morning ritual (or start one if you don't have one already!)

I included in this bundle:

-My guided morning meditation (4 min)

-My High Vibe morning rant meditation (2 min)

-My 30 day mindset makeover journal

-My goal achievers mindset-strategy-action journal

*the journals are in pdf form and are downloadable and printable so you can use them over and over. They are full of questions and prompts to help you practice gratitude, gain clarity, set a specific goal, craft a strategy and action plan and include a simple time management tool called "time chunking".

This will be a great tool to help with consistency too!


How to participate:

(Starting Tuesday, May 25th,) I'll be hosting a Facebook live training Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 12:00pm Noon EST. Each training will be on the specific topic for that day. (Even if you can't make the time, you'll still be able to watch the replay of the video.)

After the live training, I'll create a specific Facebook post for the challenge questions and action prompts. Your job is to answer the questions and take action! ....and comment on that post with your answers and your progress.

The more you participate, the more chances you have to win. For each day you participate, you're name goes into the hat for our drawing on Friday! (So your name could go into the hat up to 3x)

How to register:

FIll out the form below to register for the challenge! (you'll receive an email from me with challenge dates/times/link to join my private Facebook group)

see you soon!

Love, Jana

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