Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Your energy is EVERYTHING. Your vibration is everything. Law of attraction responds to your vibration--not just the words you say or the goals you write down. That's why I believe Boundaries are so important and so powerful in protecting your energy so that you can focus on the positive thoughts and emotions that lead you to and keep you in a high vibration...

so that you are an energetic match for your desires and so that you can take inspired action on your dreams and goals!

I'll be teaching "POWERFUL BOUNDARIES" live this Wednesday, November 18th at 7pm EST via Zoom.

This is a great class for you if you:

  1. Have trouble saying "No".

  2. Have trouble saying "No" without guilt, and end up abandoning your boundary anyways.

  3. Want to avoid confrontation at all costs and will overextend yourself to do so.

  4. Afraid that people won't like you if you say "No" to their request.

  5. Feel constantly exhausted, unable to accomplish your own goals/ do the things you want to do because you've prioritized the requests of others.

  6. Frequently feel used or manipulated into doing things for others.

  7. Allow others negative energy to negativity effect your energy and vibration (misery loves company!)

  8. Have trouble handling backlash or confrontation when enforcing boundaries.

  9. Feel like a doormat.

  10. Work all day but feel as if you've accomplished nothing for yourself.

  11. Feel as if you're living life for everybody else, while ignoring your own dreams, wants and needs.

  12. Feel as if you don't have time or energy to grow your own business because you're busy helping others.

  13. Know that you're underpaid, or feel resentful for giving away so much of your time, energy and services for free.

  14. Find yourself drained, spending hours with people who just want to "pick your brain" for free.

  15. Have many clients who consistently show up late or miss appointments with you.

  16. You constantly receive messages for "just one question" and you answer all of them + more for free.

  17. Giving Giving Giving and not receiving is a major theme in your life.

  18. You have many friends who are only available when it's super convenient for them.

  19. When you hear the term "Boundary", you think of a wall.

  20. You want to learn how to enforce healthy boundaries so you can work, play and give on your terms!

When you're taken care of and your business is taken care of, you're in a much better position to lead, inspire, motivate, help, guide, coach, support and give to others because it's coming from a place of abundance and joy instead of overwhelm, exhaustion, lack, scarcity or fear. You will FEEL the difference and yes, it is significant!

What you will learn:

  • How to enforce healthy boundaries so you can work, play, and give on your terms.

  • How to protect and nurture your energy so your cup runneth over.

  • How to give generously without guilt, resentment, or exhaustion.

  • How to keep your vibration high despite what's going on around you so you can be an energetic match for your desires.

  • How to handle reactions from others when enforcing new boundaries that positions you as a kind, respectful and fair leader.

What's included:

  • LIVE 1 hour training (via zoom)

  • LIVE Q&A session (your chance to ask personal questions & get coached 1:1 by me)

  • Lifetime access to the webinar recording (revisit the training as you need)

  • Journaling prompts (to implement what you've learned in the class so that your new knowledge starts producing results for you)

The logistics:

Date: Wednesday, Nov 18th 2020

Time: 7pm EST

Location: via Zoom call

Price: $47


*Upon enrollment, check your email for your Welcome Email with class details and instructions!

*All sales are final

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