The Manifest With Confidence 3 Day Bootcamp!

Let's kick off 2021with INTENTION. This is the beginning of the year---a fresh start, a clean slate and the chance for you to find TOTAL CLARITY on what you want and manifest it with CONFIDENCE.

No more writing the same New Year's resolution year after more repeating the same month feeling stuck.... or watching others achieve success wondering when you're going to catch your "lucky break"...

Your life can change in an instant....the moment that you DECIDE it does.

Because here's the thing: Once you realize that you are the designer and creator of your life and get out of your own way --- anything is possible.

Your current reality is only responding to your energy. You are manifesting ALL the time, whether you realize it or why not manifest on PURPOSE? Why not manifest with INTENTION? Why not manifest what you truly DESIRE?

You attract what you're an energetic match for

If you find that there is a disconnect between who you are right now, and who you want to be, then there is a disconnect between your energy and the energy of the YOU that you want to be. When you line up with and are an energetic match for your the Law of Attraction, it HAS to come to you. The good news is, you have the power to shift your energy --- through your thoughts and emotions. You have the power to change what you're an energetic match for!

And I'm here to show you how to do just that...

This January, I am hosting my MANIFEST WITH CONFIDENCE class as a 3 day bootcamp! I'll share with you my 5 step process for manifesting my desires --- everything I do to manifest intentionally + give you support and accountability to help you take massive action towards turning your desires into your new reality.

Wishes and wants will be clearly defined and energized. Doubts, fears, and self-sabotaging beliefs will be released and out of your way! And you'll be fully supported in taking ACTION.

I have used this 5 step process countless times to manifest everything I have now in my life-- my family and our loving home, the business of my dreams doing the work I am meant to do, continuously raising my monthly energetic financial minimums, a healthy body, new channels of income through my businesses, new friendships that better served me, new coaches and mentors that lead me to new levels of growth and much more...

At each new level I reach in my business and life, I am confident in my ability to get clear on my true desire, release any fear or feelings of unworthiness, and take inspired action to manifest that desire into my physical reality. I take any fear as an opportunity to shift and grow. It's not a hinderance for me, but an opportunity. And I want the same for you too---I want you to let go of the fear, the self limiting beliefs, the personal blocks...and start manifesting what you want because you want it and you deserve it.

I want you to let go of anything and anyone that ever gave you the impression that you were less than...and couldn't have what you wanted.

The MANIFEST WITH CONFIDENCE 3 day bootcamp kicks off Tuesday, January 12th through Thursday, January14th. Here is what I'm covering and what's included:

What I'm covering:

  1. My 5 step process for manifesting my desires

  2. How to manifest with Confidence: manifesting intentionally and consistently 

  3. How to set new energetic minimums on everything from money, relationships, clients and more!

  4. What to do when it feels like "it's not working" or you fall back into old patterns of doubt/fear

  5. How to keep your vibration high despite what is going on around you.

What's included:

  1. 3 LIVE trainings: 8pm EST each day via zoom

  2. LIVE Q&A session after each training: Your chance to ask questions and get coached by me

  3. Journaling prompts to help you shift your mindset and retrain your brain, implementing what you've learned in the bootcamp.

  4. Lifetime access to the recordings

  5. Private Facebook group for bootcamp members only: ask questions, share insights and get support and accountability for me and other bootcampers who are on this journey with you!



Let January be the month you DECIDE it's going to happen!

You can let go of doubt, let go of feelings of unworthiness, release any and all things that no longer serve you. The past has no hold over you unless you allow it to. You can decide, at any time, that things are going to change. You can decide what you want and what you will have. It's always up to you.

Due to the nature of the course, all sales are final. Please only enroll in the course if you feel it's aligned and are ready and willing to do the work.

What if you can't make the live training at the time specified?

Not to worry! Each training will be recorded and the replay will be loaded onto your student dashboard on the course platform. You'll log in with your own username and password and have lifetime access to the training recordings and your supplemental materials. You can come back to the lessons as needed.

Questions? Email

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