Uplift Your Mindset in 14 days

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

For all those women working from home right now and trying not to go insane 😅 ….I created this especially for you...

This past week I have been talking to a lot of women who are facing challenges working from home...

It's been tough to focus, be productive, and get into a new routine...

-some women can't get things done because they're watching their kids, and their work is suffering...

-others feel disheveled because they're out of their normal routine, and they can't seem to focus and find a rhythm...

-all are just feeling down because of the news and feeling trapped because they're not able to go places and they miss that social interaction, and their energy and mindset is low vibe...

So this week, I have created something I call: "Uplift Your Mindset in 14 days"

This is an online coaching course spanning 2 weeks

WHAT YOU RECEIVE: Each day for 14 days, I will coach you to uplifting your mindset to a higher vibe, more positive space. I will help you to get focused, develop your morning routine, be productive, declutter (mentally and physically), and finally get that thing you've been neglecting off the back burner to front and center! You'll end the 14 days in a positive mindset and in a higher vibration, despite what is going on around you. You’ll also have access to a private Facebook group with other women who are all working to uplift their mindset. You can share your insights and personal growth, receive support and receive additional support from me. I will be in the group each day :)

HOW IT WORKS: Each day, you will have access to an audio recording from me and a journaling exercise focused on the specific topic for the day. You’ll access your course on my online platform with your own login. You’ll also receive an invitation to join the private Facebook group.

THE PRICE: I wanted to make this extremely affordable for those who want coaching and have lost income during this outbreak.

HOW TO ENROLL: Click the button below "Enroll Now"

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