Worthy & Wealthy

whether you're a reiki expert, an energy healer, a spiritual coach, astrologer, psychic...

you deserve to be compensated for spiritual services. Don't let anyone tell you that you "should be doing this for free" 🤨

I hear from a lot of spiritual service providers that they often feel guilt tripped into doing things for free, or are afraid to charge for their services...but then experience burnout, resentment and bitterness because they aren't being adequately compensated for their time, energy, knowledge, expertise, talents and skills...

This is why I've created a brand new training....


Worthy & Wealthy

A class for spiritual entrepreneurs to help you know your worth and get paid for sharing your spiritual gifts with the world. Learn how to drop self doubt and enjoy doing the work that fulfills you!

This class is for you if you:

-Don't know what to charge for your services

-Having a hard time asking for the sale

-Don't feel confident in your price

-Frequently & resentfully giving away your services for free

-Are constantly asked to "pick your brain"

-Feel guilty for charging for your services

-Constantly drained, bitter or resentful when working with clients

-Have trouble setting boundaries

What you will learn:

- How to be unshakeable in who you are and what you do

- How to confidently charge for your services and ask for the sale

- How to set boundaries and enforce them so that you're not giving your talent, skills, knowledge, time and energy away for free.

- How to no longer allow others to make you feel guilty for charging for your spiritual services

*Plus I'm adding a bonus video to the training: "How to handle requests to 'pick your brain'". I'll show you how I handle requests to pick my brain in a way that shows you care, gives them value, while setting your boundary and enforcing it respectfully.

Worthy & Wealthy will be available until Friday at midnight for just $47!

Click here to enroll

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