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A 3 day live training : June 29-July 1


Learn how to make yourself a priority without guilt or fear of judgement. Be at your very best, so you can follow your own dreams while making an even greater impact on others.


In the 3 day self care bootcamp you will learn:


  • How to make self care a priority without guilt, fear of judgement, fear of disappointing others, or fear of losing your relationships.

  • How to make self care a habit instead of a "once in a while thing" so you can increase your energy and be at your very best each day.

  • How to follow your own dreams while giving to others at a higher level.

  • How to increase self-worth by sending that "I am worth it" message to your subconscious

What we are covering: ​

Day 1: Mind: You'll learn how to silence that "judge" in your mind so you can stop the abusive self talk and replace it with an uplifting, nurturing voice that prioritizes your needs from a place of calm reassurance.

Day 2: Body: I'll guide you through how to reconnect with your body and release negative feelings so you can feel stronger and more in tune with your body. You'll leave with a plan to elevate your body image so you can feel more confident in your own skin.

Day 3: Soul: I'll teach you how to fill your calendar with things that are joyful and good for your soul! You'll learn how to tap into your own personal power so you can be in alignment with your ideal self.


You'll end the bootcamp with a self care plan for each aspect of your Mind, Body and Soul


How it works:


All trainings are 8:00pm EST Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday via zoom and will be followed by a Q&A session. You’ll access the course via my online platform with your own login and have lifetime access to the webinar replay and journaling exercises, so you can come back to the lessons at any time! 

How to enroll: 


Doors close Saturday at noon! 

Price: $87

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